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To celebrate our beloved NHS turning 70 this year, we asked you to tell us about the people you know who make a difference to our lives and deserve to be recognised. Whether working on the frontline or behind the scenes, we heard about the unsung heroes who go out of their way to care for us, with no thought of thanks or reward.


We’ve been immensely proud to have sponsored The Daily Mail’s Health Hero Awards as another way to give back to the incredible men and women who dedicate their lives to our health service.

Being a part of both the nomination and judging process has been an incredibly humbling experience. As we witnessed the depth of human compassion and level of care Britain’s healthcare professionals bear for our nation it would have been impossible for the judging panel not be inspired by drive, perseverance and empathy found within.

Mark Livingstone, CEO Pharmacy2U

Watch their stories...

Watch their stories here to see their dediaton and willingness to go the extra mile. Five finalists were shortlisted and honoured at the awards gala, held in London - a GP, a hospital cleaner, a volunteer on a dementia ward, a nurse and your winner - surgeon Miss Elneil, who helped pioneer a procedure to safely remove vaginal mesh and dedicated her career to raising the alarm about the dangerous treatment.

What unites you is your commitment, willingness to go the extra mile, your dedication. And that is true not just of you but all those people working in the National Health Service. You have shown the importance of championing the voice of patients. You’ve made a real difference to people’s lives.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May honours your unsung heroes who 'epitomise the very best of the NHS' at the Health Hero Awards.