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The Repeat Prescription Report

We are pleased to share with you The Repeat Prescription Report, which has been written by Dr Duncan Petty, a Research Practitioner in Primary Care Pharmacy from the University of Bradford.

The report looks at the status of repeat prescriptions, the future of the industry and the need to embrace technology to help relieve the strain on the NHS and modernise patient access to healthcare.

Key findings to take away from the report include:

  • 43 per cent of us use repeat prescription medicines
  • Over 800 million repeat prescriptions are dispensed every year
  • Repeat prescriptions cost the NHS £8 billion, the biggest cost to the NHS after staff costs
  • We’re living longer, so these numbers are rising, causing a huge strain on the NHS
  • Managing repeat prescriptions online can:
    • help relieve the strain and save GPs more than 6.5 hours a week on paperwork
    • save the NHS money on prescription costs
  • With all this in mind, however, only one in ten of us manage our medicines online

So it’s time to go online. It could be better for you, and better for the NHS