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Balneum prescription cream for eczema treatment

What is Balneum Cream?

Balneum Cream contains 5% urea and ceramide 3, and is prescribed for the treatment of dry skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis.

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How does Balneum Cream work?

Urea is the main active ingredient and helps to combat dry skin in three different ways. It removes any dead skin (known as keratolytic), helps stop any itching and it hydrates the skin. The other ingredient, ceramide 3, works by building up the barrier function in the skin.

How to use Balneum Cream

Before applying Balneum Cream, take time to read the patient information leaflet. The cream is designed for use on a daily basis. Apply two times a day to the affected areas.

Is Balneum Cream suitable for me?

If you are allergic to peanuts or soya, or any of the other active and inactive ingredients, Balneum Cream may not be a suitable treatment for you.

Please let the doctor know of any other treatments you are taking – whether shop-bought or prescribed – for treating your dry skin. This is because urea can make the active ingredients from other creams or ointments pass through the skin more easily.

Your doctor may recommend a different treatment if Balneum is not effective. Give a full and detailed description of your general health in the consultation, as the doctor needs all the information available to assess how suitable Balneum Cream is for you.

What are the side effects of Balneum Cream?

Balneum Cream may cause potential side effects – this can happen with all medicines and treatments. Rare side effects include skin reddening or itching, or allergies to the ingredients. Stop using Balneum Cream if you experience any of these, and talk to your doctor.

Eczema consultations are available through our convenient and confidential Online Doctor service, which could lead to prescription-strength eczema treatment being prescribed after assessment.

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