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How can I fix registration problems?

We need to verify the personal details you provide to us with the NHS system your GP uses. Without matching you on the system, your GP can’t send us your prescriptions electronically.

There can be minor mismatches between the details you shared with us and the details your GP has on record. This could include a misspelt name, address or date of birth which can be easily corrected.

How to fix

If you’ve received an email that explains there is a mismatch then follow our hints and tips below to fix it. Reply to the email with any changes and we’ll confirm if your registration is then complete.

Alternatively, reply to our email with your NHS number and we’ll do the matching for you.

Hints and tips

  • Title: This may have changed since you registered with your GP. For example, Miss to Mrs.
  • First name: Make sure to include the first name registered with your GP and not a shorthand version such as Charlie rather than Charles or Liz rather than Elizabeth.
  • Surname: Your maiden name may be registered with your GP surgery even if you now use a married name.
  • Date of birth: Mobile keyboards and calendars can be fiddly. It’s easy to pick the wrong date, so it is worth double-checking your date of birth.
  • Postcode: You may not have updated your GP with a new address if you have moved house since first registering with them.
  • Gender: You may not have updated your GP if you have transitioned from one gender to another.

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