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Set & update reminder service

You can choose how often you would like to receive a reminder from Pharmacy2U to re-order your medication and how you would like to receive your reminder. You can receive a reminder via email,SMS,Pharmacy2Uapp.

To update this:

  • Log into your Pharmacy2U account Here.
  • Click on "Your account".
  • Click "Reminder service".
  • Update your reminder cycle.
  • Update your reminder preferences.

Please ensure you click "Save changes"

Why do I need to tell you how often I'm reminded?

We would like to make sure you're reminded to re-order your medication at the right time. You can do this by telling us how often you need to reorder.

We will remind you to order 10 days before you need your medication to arrive.

This will allow the time needed for your GP to send us your prescription, for us to process your order and for any unexpected delays - which means you'll have extra peace of mind knowing you'll receive your medication in plenty of time.


Medication Requested
GP Accepts Request
Medication Dispensed
Medication Despatched
Once you've told us what medication you need...
...we order the prescription from your GP, which is usually received within 1-2 working days
We then check and dispense your prescription, usually that same day although sometimes it can take 1-2 days.
Your medication is then collected by Royal Mail, who will deliver it within 2-3 working days

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