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How do I updated my account with my Patient Services login?

Once you have your letter from your GP surgery containing your account ID and linkage key. Log in to your Pharmacy2U account via our website, go to 'your account' and select 'link with my GP'. In this section you can add your account ID and linkage key.

After inputting the information you'll get a confirmation on screen. So now there's no need for you to visit the GP to request your repeat prescriptions. Once you have this confirmation you can place your order for your repeat prescription and we'll take care of the rest.

Your linkage key is specific to you and your GP surgery. So if any of your details change or you move GP surgery you?ll need to request a new linkage key. To do this, contact your new GP surgery and request your Patient Services letter. You can then add the updated information in 'your account' under the 'link with my GP' section.

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