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What happens if my exemption has expired?

If your exemption has expired and you have not updated us with new valid details, we may begin taking payment for prescription charges if you've given us your payment details. Without payment details it could delay our dispensing process while we make contact with you.

If you've been exempt from paying NHS prescription charges for one of the following reasons, you will need to pay for your prescriptions upon expiry.

  • You have a maternity exemption certificate
  • You are a child under 16 years old
  • You are aged between 16 and 18 and are in full time education

Any account with an expired exemption that holds valid payment details will be charged for their prescriptions.

In other instances we'll continue to honour your entitlement to free prescriptions, unless informed of a change in circumstances.

Please note, without valid proof of your exemption, the NHS could issue you with a fine for making a false claim.

You can update your details by logging in to your online account.


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