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2020 gift guide for people managing health conditions

Buying Christmas presents for a loved one can sometimes feel overwhelming – having to think about something to suit their personality, hobbies and likes in order to find the perfect gift. If they have a health condition, there are gifts available which can help them manage their condition or which could benefit their general health.

We have created this gift guide which could help you find a perfect Christmas present for someone managing a long term health condition this year.

A “from you to me” journal 

We’d all like to know the stories and life lessons from our loved ones’ lives. There are journals you can buy specifically for passing down family stories from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild, which can be treasured forever. These are great for everyone, but maybe even more special for people managing Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

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A grabber tool 

Many people struggle with their mobility as they get older. A grabber tool can be a brilliant help for this. They’re perfect for people who have difficulty bending down or  reaching for things, or who struggle with chronic pain, and are ideal for a wide range of everyday tasks. 

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Subscription gifts

Many people managing long term health conditions have been staying indoors a lot more in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, whether they’ve needed to self-isolate because they are a high risk, or due to the national lockdowns limiting the number of shops being open. 

Something that can really brighten someone’s day is a new gardening magazine, a bunch of flowers or an afternoon tea subscription. These contact-free letterbox deliveries are a great way of cheering someone up and staying in touch each month. There are so many options you can choose from for your family and friends!

Diabetes gifts

Blood glucose and Ketone monitoring kit 

For people managing diabetes, monitoring blood glucose levels over the festive period is really important and these monitoring kits make a handy present as they’re small and easy to travel with. You can easily test, measure, record, track, and monitor blood glucose, ß-ketone and haematocrit on the go and download the information to your PC or laptop when you get home.

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Fashionable supply carrier

Carrying diabetes medication or insulin around can often be challenging; having to remember all the items for your insulin kit and looking for them at the bottom of your bag. There are a number of fashionable kitbag, carry cases, wallets and other accessories specially made for people with diabetes. 

Active gifts 

Health issues often arise with age, but many can be improved or even prevented with a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness watches are a great way to manage and monitor how active you’re being, how you sleep, and how many calories you’re burning. Some have a heart rate monitor – which is great for people managing heart conditions. 

Here’s a guide to the best fitness trackers for seniors and the best according to Which. 

Cooking gifts 

Kitchen gadgets are a great way to help you eat healthy, without compromising on taste. There are appliances specifically designed to use less fat, save time, and minimise the amount of work it takes to make a delicious meal. Here are some of the most popular cooking gadgets which would make a great gift for someone wanting to stay healthy or start eating healthier:

Phil Day By Phil Day Superintendent Pharmacist Published 09/12/2020