Hair Loss Capsule Treatment

Clinically proven capsule treatment for hair loss

There is a UK licensed medicine that works in the same way as Propecia but which is not licensed for use in the treatment of male pattern baldness. For legal reasons we are unable to name this medicine but these capsules are available through the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service for the treatment of male pattern baldness should our Doctor decide they are appropriate for you. A clinical study of over 400 men showed that this treatment can be more effective than the active ingredient of Propecia and it can be used safely when prescribed carefully.

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The capsules contain a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and are available in just one strength - 0.5mg. It works by blocking the enzymes, type I and type II 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn reduces the level of the hormone in the scalp which is responsible for shortening the hair growth phase. This effectively treats the hormonal cause of this type of hair loss, which can prevent further hair loss and increase new hair growth in men with male pattern baldness.

This treatment should not be taken by women, children or adolescents. Children or adolescents must not handle leaking capsules as the medicine can be absorbed through the skin. If this does happen wash the area immediately with soap and water and if this happens to a pregnant woman please seek medical advice immediately. Men taking this treatment must use a condom during sex as the medicine can be contained in sperm and if your partner is pregnant or becomes pregnant the development of a male baby can be adversely affected. This treatment should not be taken by men with severe liver problems.

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