How to socialise indoors safely

With lockdown restrictions set to ease further, from 17th May we are allowed to mix indoors with up to 6 people or with people from 2 households. While this will mean we can spend more time with loved ones and escape the unpredictable British weather, it is still important to take precautions to minimise the chances of catching and spreading coronavirus. 

Here our Superintendent Pharmacist, Phil Day, shares some advice on how you can socialise indoors as safely as possible.

How many people are you mixing indoors with?

The larger the group of people you mix with, the greater the risk of spreading coronavirus. Make sure to stick to government guidelines and remember that 6 is a maximum rather than a target. The fewer people that meet, simply means there is less chance for the virus to spread. 

Are you having dinner?

If you’re having people over for food, try to make sure everyone is spaced well enough apart. Although it's nice to be helpful, try not to pass around dishes, cutlery and bottles as these can become contaminated, which means you could be spreading the virus. Try instead to have just one person playing host and serving. It’s a good idea to also have hand sanitiser on the table too for everyone to use. 

Crack open a window

When you’re spending time inside, try and open a window as this can help stop the build-up of particles inside the room. The warmer weather will also make opening a window more bearable for you and your guests. If you can’t open a window, air purifiers can also help filter out pollutants and particles and push the clean air back into the room. 

Clean before and after guests

Make sure that before and after guests come to your house, that you use cleaning products that can kill coronavirus, particularly in commonly touched places. Think about door handles, switches, worktops and those areas you first touch when coming into your home from the outside. It’s important to remember to clean the tools you wipe down the surfaces with. 

If you use cloths or mops, they need to be germ-free so they don’t spread germs to other surfaces. Reusable cloths should be disinfected or washed at 60C (140F) after each use. 

It’s recommended to use disposable cloths or paper towels where possible. You can find out more on how to clean certain surfaces here.

Our sister service Chemist Direct has a range of antibacterial cleaning products available that kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – you can find them here.

Try to limit time spent indoors

As there is an increased risk of catching and spreading coronavirus whilst indoors, try to limit the amount of time you spend with other people inside. The warmer weather brings the perfect excuse to spend more time outdoors, whether it's a BBQ or a day at the beach. You will be able to catch up with friends and family as safely as possible, all while enjoying the sunshine! 

We’re here to help you enjoy life after lockdown. 

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Phil Day By Phil Day Superintendent Pharmacist Published: 10/05/2021